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Start Return Now launches its “File & Ask” feature

Newark, Delaware | December 27, 2009 ,the company that allows its users to E-File their taxes and get real time expert advice announced today that its newest feature “File & Ask” will be available for the 2009 tax season, starting January 15, 2010. This unique feature allows’s users to ask their specific tax questions online while they are preparing their taxes on the company’s website


“We are extremely excited and looking forward to the upcoming tax season starting January 15, 2010 and expect significant growth in our online tax filing due to this ground-breaking feature”, said Tal Rozen for


“File & Ask” by is truly a unique feature in the online tax industry. This newest addition to the company’s offering allows users to submit their specific and most urgent tax questions to’s tax advisors while they are online, preparing their 2009 tax return to be submitted via the web.


Only few other online tax software provide similar service to the “File & Ask” feature, one of them is HR&Block through its online solution TaxCut. Other solutions either offer online filing or tax advice, but only offers both services in real-time.


“We are proud to lead the online tax industry, not only by providing our users with free tax information such as list of tax deductions and tax credits, but now, providing them with real-time access to specific and relevant tax answers that allows our users to maximize their refunds, save thousands of tax dollars and file their taxes online with maximum confidence”, added Mrs. Rozen.


As real people we at understand that online taxes should be easy, simple, fast and maybe, maybe even fun (well, lets not go overboard you say). Because of that we at developed a unique approach to online tax preparation which takes the hassle and tension off the table. We have designed a REAL-LIFE-EVENTS solution that does not bore you with endless questions and scary forms, but instead, ask you to simply tell us: "what happened to you this year"? All you have to do, is to tell us (or choose from our event list) what really happened to you, and we in return, provide you with valuable information that will help you to better understand what, where and when to report. We will also suggest how to save on taxes based on the events that you went through this year and advice you on how to maximize your refund in light of those events.



Tal Rozen
Tel: [202] 742-6311

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