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Car and Truck Expenses

Expenses related to use of a car, van, pickup or panel truck for business can be deducted as transportation expense as long as they are ordinary and necessary in: 1) Traveling from one work location to another within the taxpayer’s business is located, 2) Visiting customers, 3) Attending a business meeting away from the regular workplace 4) Getting from home to a temporary workplace when the taxpayer has one or more regular places of work within or outside taxpayer’s tax home area OR 5) Traveling away from home overnight on business , to use it in your tax return, please click here.
Costs related to travel between a taxpayer’s home and regular place of work are commuting expenses and are not deductible. Taxpayers can choose to use either the standard mileage rate or actual expenses to compute their allowable business deduction. They may want to figure the deduction using both methods to see which provides a larger deduction. Where do I report  Car and Truck expenses? Car and Truck Expenses tax deduction can be claimed as business deduction on IRS form 1040, Schedule C, line 9 or as Employee un-reimbursed expenses on IRS form 1040, Schedule A, Line 21 (with details on IRS form 2106).
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