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Moving Expenses

Are you moving or relocating for employment purposes? Your moving expenses may be deductible if the distance between your new primary job and your former home is 50 miles greater than your old commute; and if you are employed full time in the general area of your new job location for at least 39 weeks during the 12 months following the move date (this test does not apply if you only start working full time after substantial period of part-time work on unemployment). If you are filing jointly, only one spouse must meet above two tests to qualify for the deduction, to use it in your tax return, please click here.
If you qualify for the moving expenses deduction, you can claim payment you have paid or incurred for packing and shipping storing and insuring your household goods up 30 days of storage, expenses related to transport yourself and your family to the new home (if you travel by car you can claim 16.5 cents per mile for 2010),  lodging while traveling to the new house and cost of disconnecting utilities at your old home and connecting at the new home. Where do I report Moving Expenses tax deduction? Moving Expenses tax deduction is really an adjustment to the income and not part of the Standard or Itemized deductions. It is reported on form 1040 line 26.
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