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Most Recent Frequently Asked Tax Questions:

 Loss on short sale, dedcutible?
 How do I get the $8,000 first-time home buyer credits?
 Can I claim my children as dependants if they worked in 2009?
 What is the max age for qualified dependant?
 Disability payments - are they taxable?
 Can I get a refund if I had no income in 2009?
 Can my daughter get a refund if we claim her on our taxes?
 What are the tax deductions available for construction employee?
 Is there a penalty for filing return before the due date?
 Can we deduct sales tax on a new vehicle?
 How much can I claim for Donations?
 How much will I pay in taxes on withdrwaral from 401k account?
 I haven't received $12k of wages, can I write it off?
 are medical expenses (doctor, dentist, eyeglasses) deductible on taxes for 2009?
 Is there a credit for energy efficient windows?
 What are the tax consequenses on sale of rental property?
 Is there a tax credit for domestic violence shelter?
 How much can the IRS garnish from my website
 How can i get copys of my taxexsif I am self employed i need copies 07 and 08!
 I receive no support from ex husband...can he claim child as dependent?
 Can you deduct interest from a home equity line?
 Is wages,tips,unemployment,jury duty taxable income ?
 Are trips to my son's college deductible?
 How can I obtain copy of previous years W2?
 Can the IRS take our refund toward student loan debt?
 Can I file my husband taxes if he is in prison?
 Does claiming first-time home buyer credit impact disability tax benefits?
 Can I get a refund anticipation loan before filing tax return?
 How do I check status of a return I file for previous year?
 Is money I sent home while deployed, considered "gift"?
 Student with no income, need to file taxes?
 Will I qualify for the first-time home buyer credit if I am on my parents' title?
 Can the IRS take money from a joint account for my husband tax debt?
 Interest on 401k account, taxable?
 I owe $600,000 on a $425,000 valued house. What will be the tax if I do a short sale?
 How do I amend filing status in a previous year return?
 What are hte tax rates on a prize of $32,000?
 Can I deduct cost of lottery tickets?
 If I give my relatives money received from loterry winning, would I or they be taxed?
 What is the maximum amount I can calim for car donation?
 Can I deduct Gas Expenses while looking for a job?
 After how much time can I sell my new house, to get the first-time home buyer credit?
 How to I obtain copies of previous year returns?
 How long do I have to stay in my new house, to get the first-time home buyer credit?
 I purchased a new home and now relocating. Will I get the first-time home buyer cerdit?
 Can I deduct a new car I have purchased?
 Got married in Jan 2010, how do I file 2009?
 Is a purchase from a charity exempt from sales tax?
 Is money taken out from 401k tax free?
 What filing status do I use as Single mom with a child?
 Is loan repayment to my retirement account taxable?
 Can I claim cost of surgery as medical expenses?
 How do I file with my non resident alien?
 How do I get the first-time home buyer credit?
 What tax credits and deductions are available for 2009?
 where do I file my 2009 taxes, if I partially lived in 2 states?
Who qualify for the first time home buyer credit?
Are there any deductions for part time employment?
How do I get blind person tax benefits?
I was arrested, can I still get the stimulus refund?
Can I claim my Grandmother as dependant?
I am an employee, how much Social Security do I pay?
2010 Conversion - is tax due 04.15.2011?
How long should I keep my tax documents?
If I am ovr 65, Am I exempt from property tax?
When can I file amended return?
What are the tax rates for capital gains
Can I claim casualty loss is my car caught fire?
Are braces considered Medical Expenses
How much is the 2009 personal Exemption?
How can I get the $8000 credit?
Can I deduct school supplies?
If I file late, I loose my refund?
Is there "Unemployment Credit"?
What can a work-from-home-sales-person deduct?
How to protect against inflation?
Is the $1500 tax credit a one time per household?
How to Check status of $8,000 credit?
Can I stop withholding State income tax?
Are Social Security Benefits taxable?
Can HSA Acount pay medical insurance premiums?
can I write off builder fee
Is child support income taxable?
what is an IRS letter 2797
Losses from sale of Trust Deed Investment
Gift Tax - What is the non-taxable amount?
Claiming my student son as dependant
Deceased husband  and joint filing
How can I obtain Tax Records?
Can I claim my dog as dependant?
Married but filing separate return
Policy Cash Value
Can Ex-Wife be claimed as dependant?
Just got married, how do we file?

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