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Free E-file With Your Tax Returnfree e-file's tax experts make filing your taxes extremely easy! All you have to do, is fill out our short and user friendly questionnaire (scroll down) and We will take you step-by-step through all of the forms you'll need to minimize your taxes and maximize your refund.

After you submit the online questionnaire, you'll receive one-on-one service and a real Accountant will prepare your tax return, typically within 48 hours, making sure: 1. your return is error free, 2. you take advantage of all tax breaks allowed to you by law, you minimize your audit risk and 4. you ask for BIGGEST possible REFUND.


Free Electronic Filing gets your Federal Refund in your bank account in as little as 10 days.


1. Please fax your w2s and all other tax documents to us at +1 [202] 742-6311
2. See
engagement terms

3. Fill out as much information as you can, our tax professionals will do the rest.


Tax Year    Email


TaxPayer Information
  Tax Payer Spouse
Last Name
First Name
Social Security Number
Date Of Birth
Blind ?
Over 65 by 12.31?
Filing Status

Should be entered exactly as they appear on the social security card or the IRS tax ID number notice: first, middle initial and last name.

Social security number:
If you don't have social security enter Tax ID Number.  

Contact Information

Zip Code
Home Phone Number
Work Phone Number
Email Address

Current address to which you want any refund or tax correspondence to be mailed to



Name Social Security Number Date Of Birth Relationship Months Lived at Tax payer Home Day Care Expense

Months lived:
During the tax year.

Day care expense:
Does not include school tuition or overnight camps, just daycare and other caregiver expenses.


Day Care Providers
Name Address Tax ID # Expenses    
Employer day care expense plan      

Employer day care expense plan:
enter the amounts you have been reimbursed for by the employer's plan.


Tax Payer


Employer Name
Employer Street Address
Employer City
Employer State
Employer Zip Code
Employer EIN
Federal Tax Withheld
Social Security Wages
Social Security Tax Withheld
Medicare Wages
Medicare Tax Withheld

Interest Income / Dividends

Bank 1  Bank 2

Bank Payer Name

Bank Payer ID#

Interest Income

Interest Income From US Government
Dividend Income
Qualifying Dividend Income


Stock Sales

Stock 1 Stock 2 Stock 3 Stock 4
Stock Name
Number Of Stocks
Date Of  Purchase
Date Of Sale
Sale Price

Stock name:
Stock symbol or Company's name.

(number of stocks * purchase price) - commissions.

(number of stocks * purchase price) - commissions. 

Sale Of rental Property

Property Description
Date Of Purchase
Date Of Sale
Sale Price

amount paid for the property - purchase expense.

amount received for the property - sale expense

Other Income

State Tax Refund
Did you itemized last year deductions?  (Check for yes)
Alimony Received  
Retirement Income
Retirement Income Payer Name
Pension Income
Unemployment Income
Unemployment Income Payer State
Unemployment Federal Tax
Unemployment State Tax
Social Security Benefit
Social Security Federal Tax
Jury Duty
Gambling Winning
Foreign Income    Employer Name & Address  
Check if recipient of scholarship a degree student?
Other Income
Other Income Description


IRA Contributions
Roth IRA Contributions
Moving Expenses (over 50 miles)
Alimony Paid Recipient SS#
Medical Saving Account
Medical & Dental Expenses
State and Local Tax Paid
Real Estate Tax Paid
Personal Property Tax Paid
Mortgage Interest  Bank Name/ Address
Points and Fees On Principal Residence
Investment Interest
Cash Contributions
Non Cash Contributions Organization
Casualty Theft or Loss
Job Search Expenses
Business Use Of  Home
Business Travel
Tax Preparation Fees
Tuition Amount   Student (s) Name (s)
Other Expenses Amount  Description

Rental Income

Property Description
Property Cost  
Rental Furniture  
Date Placed In Service  
Mortgage Interest  
Management Fee  
Expense Name / Amount
Expense Name / Amount
Expense Name / Amount

   Submit Info

Amount paid for the property - purchase expense. If received as a gift or inherited enter the fair market value on the receipt date.
Date Placed In Service:

Date on which the property was first rented.

Business Income

Business Name
Cost of Goods Sold  
Expense Type / Amount 
Expense Type / Amount
Expense Type / Amount
Expense Type / Amount
Expense Type/ Amount
Expense Type / Amount

Pay and Send The Information


Credit / debit card information:

Card number
Expiration  (MMYY)
CCV (Security code on back)
Products Federal Return $84.95
Federal and State Returns $99.90
FREE Audit Protection (regular $9.99)
Credit Card Holder Name
Billing Address:  
Street address
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This letter confirms our understanding of the terms and objectives of our tax services engagement and to clarify the nature and conditions of the tax services to be provided.

We will prepare the federal and state income tax returns for the current calendar year or any other calendar year up to 3 years back.

Our fees for tax services are listed on the website in the "Our Fees" section.

Our tax return preparation engagement ends upon delivery of your tax returns for filing.

Certain communications involving tax advice between you and our firm may be privileged and not subject to disclosure to the IRS.

Tax Treasure Inc.

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