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** Updated for 2010. has prepared for you a complete list of tax deductions, tax credits and tax brackets that if used properly within your tax return could save you hundreds and maybe thousands in tax money.
Get this priceless list and start savings today.
From the tax experts of learn the secrets of the professionals. Read how you can easily save hundreds or even thousands on taxes. Use the tax savings tips and tools that heavy weight accountants use for their rich clients.
Access our tax knowledge base and start filing your taxes like a professional. Use ALL the tax deductions, tax credits and tax benefits allowed to you by law. We have put together for you easy to read articles that guide you step by step and tell you exactly how save big on taxes. It is really a treasure!

Tax Deduction Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the list for?
The list is designed to help any person who wants to save tax money. It can be used by tax professionals, CPAs, Tax Attorneys and Paid preparer, but mostly it is used by regular tax payers who want to e-file their tax return themselves and still take advantage of each and every tax break allowed to them by law.

How should I use the list?
You should take the time and go through all the items in the list, read the detailed explanation on each  of the tax breaks and decide if it applies to your tax return. Then, you need to follow the list's instructions and keep the applicable records to be able to use the item on your annual tax return.

Who prepared the list?'s tax advisors have compiled this list after analyzing the needs of the average tax payer. The information is taken from various sources including the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), the Internal Revenue Service website, Professional publications and more.

How do I download the list?
Simple. You will receive an email with us with a link directing you to the list which is hosted on our secured server. You can click on the link at any time, day or night and from anywhere in the world to access the list.

Why is the cost so low?
Our goal is to have educated tax payers who truly understand taxes. We subsidize the cost of the list because we believe that educated taxpayer is the perfect customer for our online tax filing software which allows you to file your taxes online.

How long it takes to receive the list?
Seconds. Once your payment has been accepted you will receive and email within seconds with download instructions and full access to the information.

How do I purchase the list?
Click here to fill out our secured order form. We accept all major credit cards. Your order will be processed in seconds and confirmation will be sent shortly after.

What deductions & Credits are covered in the list?
We have included all the tax deductions and tax credits allowed to you by law that may apply to your tax situation. Here is a list of the items covered:

Sales Tax Deduction
Vehicle Sales Tax Deduction
Mortgage Insurance Premium
Standard Deduction
Additional Standard Deduction Amount for Property Taxes
Car and Truck Expenses
Educator Expenses
Tax Deduction for Charity Donations
Home Mortgage Interest
Alimony Paid Tax Deduction
Casualty & Theft Losses
Educator Expenses
Domestic Production Activities
Early Withdrawal Penalty
Qualified Performing Artists (QPA)
Moving Expenses
Self-Employment Tax    
Self-Employment Health Insurance
SEP-IRA Deduction
Early Withdrawal Penalty
Alimony Paid     
Health Savings Account
Hybrid Car & Clean Burning Fuel Deduction
Traditional IRA Deduction
Job Search Cost
Personal Exemptions
Qualified Performing Artists Expenses
Self-Employment Health Insurance
SEP, SIMPLE, Retirement Plan Deduction
Student Loan Interest Deduction
Student Loan Interest
Tuition and Fees Deduction for College Expenses
Tuition and Fees Tax Deduction

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Save $$$ on taxes. If you are planning to claim itemized deductions has prepared for you a complete list of tax deductions, tax credits and tax brackets that if used properly within your tax return could save you hundreds and maybe thousands in tax money. Get this priceless list and start savings today. Fill out the form below and check your email address for the complete list.
The standard deduction is a fixed dollar amount that reduces the amount of income on which you are taxed. You cannot take the standard deduction if you claim itemized deductions. The amount of the standard deductions is set by the Internal Revenue Service and is adjusted every year to reflect the cost of living (inflation). The amount of standard deduction is based on a taxpayer's filing status.

Why people use the list?

Save $$$ with our professional list of Tax Deductions

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As real people we understand that online taxes should be easy, simple, fast and maybe, maybe even fun (when, lets no go overboard). Because of that we at developed a unique approach to online tax preparation which takes the hassle and tension off the table.
We bring you a complete list of tax deductions available to you by law, a list that could offer you significant tax savings and if used properly could minimize your tax liability for years to come.
Definition: tax deductions reduce a taxpayer's taxable income and income tax. A tax deduction is an expense paid (or incurred) by a taxpayer which the tax code (either federal or state) allows to be subtracted from the gross income in order to calculate the actual tax. The tax savings amount is the computed by multiplying the allowed deduction be the taxpayer's marginal tax bracket (or tax rate). The higher the tax bracket is, the bigger are the tax savings